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The Possibilities of Sustainable Living as a Parent

Mollie Earp is embracing sustainable living whilst being the busy mum of cheeky chap Eli. We talk to Mollie about the benefits of cloth nappies and how to start living sustainably...

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Hey Mollie! Tell us about yourself and your cheeky chappy Eli!

Hey, I’m Mollie and I have a 19 month old called Eli. I became a mum while studying Fashion Design at Birmingham City University and it has definitely changed my life completely for the better! When I was at university I was extremely wasteful and a massive consumer of fast fashion. Since having Eli, I realised the cost of nappies and wipes when you add it all up is insane so when Eli was around 9 months old we decided to try living more sustainably and use cloth nappies.


How was your Mother's Day?

My Mother's Day was lovely thank you! We went for a walk, and then my partner Josh and I had coffee in the sunshine whilst Eli napped, it was nice and relaxing.


Tell us what are you and Eli's favourite things to do together!

Some of our favourite things to do now that Eli is toddling around is going on walks to our local park. This kid loves exploring the great outdoors! Eli’s just found a love for colouring and stickers which is great for me as I can set up some cute crafts and games for us to do together. Such as using putting pom-poms through cardboard tubes and pipe cleaners in the holes of a colander.


What have you found to be the pros and cons of using reusable cloth nappies?


Some pros and definitely the main pro is the impact you have on the environment by going cloth! 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK each day. Even if you use to just use one or even two cloth nappies a day that can make a huge difference.

Cloth can really save you money in the long run when you add it all up. I don’t know all the facts but when I started using cloth I reduced the amount of packs of nappies I was buying each week just by using one cloth nappy a day.

Another pro of cloth I’ve found is that it can turn into a hobby and you can really get stuck in! There is such a huge online and local community for cloth. Many online platforms have a cloth nappy community and do events in your area to all come together and learn cloth. Instagram is full of amazing genuine influencers who all use cloth to chat to and follow, such as  @laurend.mummytothree.

If you don’t like messy poos then all I have to say is... suck it up! There are things in place to make those smelly situations a lot easier such as disposable liners that you can place in the nappy, making each change easier and quicker to dispose of.

Another con would be unfortunately you do have to do more loads of washing and the cost of the added accessories can add up, so look out for any second hand nappy bins and wet bags before buying brand new, that’s what I did and I saved so much.


Do you have any advice on mums newly entering the world of sustainability and cloth nappies?

Any advice I could give would be to start with making small changes first with sustainability, to ease you into the new routine.


If you're confused on cloth and are trying to find your feet it can be quite daunting to jump straight in and go completely cloth. So maybe start with you little ones wearing cloth nappies within the home first, such as one or two a day, then when you feel more confident gradually increase to go out in cloth.


Reusable wipes for yucky hands and faces are a great initial change to ease you in to the wash loads that are about to come!

As for sustainable products I use for myself, I’ve been loving my reusable produce bags at the moment which I recently bought from my local refill shop, you can find them on Instagram at @packitin_zw , as well as my amazing sustainable and ethical Lucy and Yak dungarees, I wear them most days and they have become my mum uniform. Check them out!

What’s next for Mollie and Eli, and where can our readers find you?

Potty training I think! Which is scary, but a few companies who sell cloth nappies also sell reusable potty training pants so I know I’ll be alright with those at hand.

Thanks guys, follow me on my Instagram @molsy_eli for more adventures together!

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