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IN 2021, I was commissioned by worcestershire county council to help improve the aesthetics of a residential area that was run down from a building project.

the project surface was a 70ft long and 7ft high wall that was the outside of the building site.

inspired by the locations previous history of a garden, the mural was inspired by flowers that represent what the community (as well as the country) had gone through in the last year of the pandemic.

In 2023, I was funded to refresh the design after 2 years of wear and tear, where I undated the typography and some of the flowers.



the mural was a success amongst the locals and achieved its goal in brightening up the area.



photographers credit: drew deas


estee mural stuff - dark roll (4 of 8).jpg
estee mural stuff - dark roll (3 of 8).jpg

photographers credit: josh foster


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