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Talking to Chloë Banks of Lazy Lemon Vintage About All Things Secondhand

Chloë Banks is a secondhand clothing enthusiast, embracing all things sustainable fashion by showing her latest charity shop finds on her Instagram and selling her wares on her depop, @lazylemonvintage. Here's how she does it....


Hey Chloë, tell us about you!

Hey! My name is Chloë and I live in Worcester, UK. 

I have worked in fashion for most of my life and have been lucky enough to work and travel around America for a handful of summers. My favourite thing to do is go hunting around the charity shops!


Can you remember where your love for secondhand/sustainable fashion came from? 


I’ve always been a bargain hunter for as long as I can remember. A friend introduced me to charity shopping and I instantly fell in love with it. The buzz I get from searching through rails is like no other. When I was working in America I would spend my entire days off in the Goodwills. They were so big and full of treasures. I love expressing myself through fashion and think it’s best to be a little different from everyone else! 

How would you suggest to novice charity shoppers like me to rifle through all the different options? Are there specific things you look for? 


I think charity shops are so amazing because everything you see is unique. I usually dedicate a good few hours to mooching round the shops. To really get the most out of charity shopping you do have to take the time to go through every item on the rail. After a while you become a pro and know what’s good and what’s not just by looking at it. I usually go straight to the men’s section first because I love oversized t-shirts and sweaters. The accessory bins are always full of quirky bits too! I think charity shopping is best for when your not looking for anything in particular and your willing to try out new things. 


Tell us about your favourite charity shops!


Ooo I don’t know if I could pick a favourite charity shop. I try and have a mooch in the Worcester city centre shops at least once a week. Sometimes it’s hit and miss depending on what days you go but more often I come away with full bags. I love exploring new cities and raiding their charity shops. There is a kemp hospice in Kidderminster that sells everything for £1! I got loads of cool bits from there. Age UK in Malvern has the cutest Instagram! You really can tell how much they love what they do there. 


Do you ever up-cycle or transform the clothes you buy?  


I do have a sewing machine and I am a bit of a amateur when it comes to altering items of clothing but I give it a go! You have to use your imagination when shopping secondhand. Sizes don’t matter at all, if anything the bigger the better because there is more to play with. I follow a lot of fellow thrifters on Instagram so get loads of inspiration from them!

Which do you prefer vintage / charity shops?


That’s a hard one. I think I do favour charity shops. Only because it’s a bit of a treasure hunt and that’s what makes it fun. Where as in a vintage store someone has done all the hard work for you (fair play, my dream job) but it kind of takes the excitement away a little for me. I would never turn down mooching around vintage stores and car boots though!! 


Do you have any tips for our readers about further steps in sustainable living? 


I try my best to be more sustainable in all things but I am not perfect. I try and walk as much as I can, eat less meat and be more conscious of recycling. I surround myself with likeminded people full of creativity and positive energies. I’m not one to preach to others how they should live there life at all but I do hope that I help inspire people to think twice about secondhand shopping. 


What have you got in store next for your future plans? 


I have just launched my own little vintage store called ~ Lazy Lemon Vintage. I wanted to make it easier for people to shop secondhand if they haven’t got the time to hunt through charity shops. I really enjoy finding one of a kind items that I know someone is going to love. Give me a follow on Instagram and depop for some fun secondhand style inspo @lazylemonvintage and

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