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Jackie Lutze inspires us to buy clothes that are built to last for a more timeless wardrobe

Colorado based sustainable fashion designer Jackie Lutze talks to Sustain  about how she maintains her business' sustainable values whilst helping people everywhere create timeless, eco-friendly wardrobes.

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Hey Jackie, tell us about yourself and your sustainable fashion brand- Jackie Lutze!

I have always loved fashion and art so I feel it was just a matter of time before I embarked in something in this realm.  I am also a dedicated vegan & environmentalist so both of those things combined were really what this brand was born out of.  The collection itself is classic, tailored pieces that easily go from the boardroom to brunch.  We created a mix and match collection so that people could easily build a capsule wardrobe and have timeless pieces in their closet that go with anything.  


What inspired you to start your personal eco-friendly brand?

Our brand was born out of a passion for fashion and a dream of helping create a more cruelty-free fashion industry.  Having worked in corporate settings most of my career I always found it difficult to find clothing that was office appropriate but also fit my ethics.  After trying to find a sustainable, wool-free blazer and coming up short I dedicated to make one myself.  

How would you advise people start building a sustainable closet in these high times of fast fashion?

Start where you can.  The most sustainable items are the ones you already own, so don't feel you have to go out tomorrow and buy a whole new wardrobe.  I recommend that when you NEED a new blazer, pair of pants, etc then find a sustainable, ethical brand and buy for quality over quantity.  Yes, sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion, but it is built to last.  So you'll have to invest once and then have a wardrobe that will be timeless for ages.  Secondhand clothing is also a really great option! 

How do you view the future of sustainable fashion?

I am hopeful that it becomes the normal and that fast fashion dies, but am not so sure that will totally happen. I do believe sustainable fashion will continue to grow as consumers demand more eco-friendly items for the closet.  It is all in the hands of the consumers.  

What is your personal definition of Vegan fashion and how does your brand support this notion?

Vegan fashion is clothing that uses no animal materials.  Meaning no leather, wool, cashmere, or things such as horn buttons or silk thread.  Our brand is made of 100% plant-based textiles including hemp, linen, cotton and tencel.  All our materials are organic and harvested responsibly so that no animals nor the planet is harmed in the process.  

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Considering the sheer amount of natural resources that goes into producing natural fabrics, how do you think your plant based, sustainable fabrics tops others?

We choose fabrics that have a natural dyeing process and our hemp for example is recycled material.  We chose all out plant fibers because there were the ones that could be grown, harvested and processed with the least impact on the earth.  Bamboo for example is a material many brands are using but we chose not to because it takes an enormous amount of energy to grow and process into yarn.  

What other brands inspire you within your designs?

We really have quite classic designs that date back decades in fashion.  We want timeliness items that will never go out of style.  As far as inspiration I am always inspired by brands that are pushing the envelope and not afraid to be different.  That is the only way things will ever change.  

Do you have any favourite brands you use to maintain and sustainable lifestyle? 

I love Mara Hoffman, particularly because her designs are so different than mine so am always drawn to people on the opposite spectrum.  Otherwise I do try to shop secondhand as much as possible.

What are your personal tips on producing an eco-friendly lifestyle and home life?

I think its remembering that it won't happen overnight.  Do one thing at a time and add things as you go.  For me my diet was the first thing that I really paid attention to.  Learning about the impact of animal agriculture on the planet and the animals was the reason I went vegan.  From there it was years of learning more about my choices and implementing changes in my routine as much as possible.  Find the things that are really really important to you and start there.  Finding a WHY for making a change will help you to keep going.  

What’s next for you and your brand, and where can our readers find you?

I hope big things!  We are really dedicated to bringing  cruelty-free fashion to as many people as possible and want to become more accessible to the masses.  We'll always stick with our main ethos and timeless pieces so hope we can help people everywhere build a more compassionate closet.  


As far as designs we are working on our men's wear as well as pieces for next fall/ winter!  We are listening to our consumers and always appreciate feedback on what items people want to see.  

You can follow along at and on Instagram @jackielutze 

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