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Nim Cosmetics: Benefiting off the Power of Natural Skincare and a Zero-Waste Ethos.

Alice Wild founder of Nim Cosmetics divulges on the additional efforts she goes to, to naturally source and sustainably manufacture her cosmetics to counteract the environmental impact of the beauty industry.

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Hi Alice, tell us about yourself and your business Nim Cosmetics!


Hiya! I started my little business when I first turned 18. I’m coming up to my 19th birthday now and its crazy to look back on when I first started, and how far my idea has come. My business is a zero-waste, plastic-free, vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand. Nim focuses on creating luxury skincare with natural and organic ingredients, while offering a plastic free alternative to the thousands of skincare brands that still use plastic to package their products.

Where did the idea for Nim Cosmetics come from, what was your motivator?


I’ve had a deep love and respect for our planet and since I was little, and I’ve also struggled with my skin my whole life. I had severe eczema growing up (I still struggle with it occasionally) and as I grew into my late teens, I was desperately still trying to heal my skin. I researched, tried different (and pricey) skincare brands, and was even looking at more extreme skin procedures when I finally stumbled upon natural skincare. I discovered the power of natural oils and ingredients, and how much of an impact a few plant based ingredients could make to the health of my skin. I was also starting my zero-waste and plastic-free journey at the same time and couldn’t find anything on the market that combined these two things. So I decided to take my knowledge of skincare and my passion for the environment and combine it into Nim.


When choosing a name for my brand, there was one name that stuck in my head and didn’t seem to go away. ‘Nim’ comes from the Welsh for ‘nothing’ – meaning no plastic, harm to animals, and no waste. The name reminds me of my roots and is true to the ethics of my business.


To you and your customers, what are the benefits of sustainable cosmetics compared to non-sustainable in the ever growing success of the beauty industry?

In order to combat the companies that still use single use plastic and who test on animals, we need to boycott them. By buying from sustainable brands like mine, not only are you supporting small businesses (something that is immensely important nowadays) you are avoiding contributing to plastic pollution. I operate a jar refill system where the empty jars are sent back to my workshop, sanitised, and refilled. I truly believe that if even half of us all bought our cosmetics and self-care products from companies like mine, where sustainability is of paramount importance, we could have a huge impact on the planet.

We could potentially save millions of tonnes of plastic entering our oceans, our beaches, and the habitats of our wildlife; simply by avoiding the companies that mass produce it (essentially every mainstream skincare and cosmetics company in the world).


As well as zero-wastage, tell us about the other lengths you go to, to make sure your products are eco-friendly and sustainable?


When I first started, I used to commute to a work space around 10 miles from my house. I have since converted my old bedroom into my work space to reduce my carbon footprint – this has also made huge difference to monthly fuel costs! I only use preservatives and ingredients which will break down in such a way as not to pollute ecosystems and the aquatic environment. 


I only buy my ingredients and packaging from suppliers that reach my sustainability requirements. My suppliers offset their carbon emissions, their electricity is supplied by Ecotricity which is 100% gained from renewable sources, and their shipping cardboard boxes are either made from recycled cardboard, or up-cycled boxes they have obtained from local manufacturers that would have previously gone to landfill.

I reuse every bottle, jar, cardboard box and paper packing I receive. Throughout my entire manufacturing process, I work hard to ensure nothing goes to landfill.


Other than using your eco-friendly cosmetics, do you have any tips for readers out there on how to start adapting to a more sustainable life?


I could talk forever about sustainability tips, but these are just a couple.


My first bit of advice would be to utilise your local Zero Waste / refill shop. They are popping up in every city in the country, and they are run by people who genuinely care about the environment and about helping others to become more sustainable. Nowadays, there are so many reusable alternatives to single use plastic that often save you money in the long term, and many of these products can be found in zero-waste shops such as, my personal favourite, Pack It In (in Worcester).


Refill shops are a fantastic way to avoid the plastic waste you would normally accumulate from supermarkets, as well as reducing food waste by letting you only buy what you need. They are already making a huge impact and they need your support. Google where your nearest refill shop is and pay them a visit, I promise you will never look back.  


Another sustainability tip I have been really benefiting from recently is growing my own food. My family have grown their own food for generations, and I am now starting to see the benefits and rewards of it. Not only are you saving on all plastic packaging and reducing air miles to zero, you’re reaping the literal fruits of your labour, something that is wonderfully gratifying. Try googling what foods are best to grow in whatever space you have available to you.

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Are there any other brands or online communities that you follow and are inspired by for sustainable living tips?

I am immensely inspired by Lauren Singer. She is an environmental activist, entrepreneur, and blogger most known for her blog Trash is for Tossers. She does an amazing job of educating readers on how she achieves a zero-waste lifestyle. She also owns the package free shop which is a fantastic online store for zero-waste essentials and also owns The Simply Co. which sells organic and vegan cleaning products. She is so devoted to reducing her waste and helping others to do the same, she truly is an inspiration to myself and countless others.

Do you have a final message you'd like to share with our readers?


We are currently living through an environmental crisis. This means that instead of waiting for other people to do something about it, we need to all accept responsibility and make significant changes to our lifestyles. One of the issues we are dealing with is plastic pollution. Since the 1950s, around 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced worldwide; and only 9% of it has been recycled. We have all fallen into the trap of 'out of site, out of mind' when it comes to our waste. We put a crisp packet in the bin and never think, where is this going to end up? Try thinking about it. Look around your environment, look at every piece of furniture, every bin, every bag or coat or deodorant bottle. Where will that be in 10 years? 100 years? 1000 years? The reality is, most of the plastic we buy and consumer will be around forever, long after you and I are gone. The plastic hair brush that broke within a week of buying it? It will still be here, floating in our oceans, releasing toxins into our soil, in the stomach of our wildlife.

Where can our readers find you online and what's next for Alice and Nim Cosmetics?

You can find me at and on Instagram and Facebook as @nimcosmeticsuk. I love communicating with my customers and I’m always happy to answer questions and queries whenever I’m needed.

I’m beyond excited for the future of Nim. You can expect new products in the near future, as well as some very exciting projects I am currently cooking up.

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