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green crab.png
the picnic logo [lightened].jpg

I was asked by virtex digital to produce branding guidelines, assets and a logo for their new venture 'the picnic'.

the demographic is predominantly female and the brief highlighted luxury, so I went in a more effeminate direction in terms of colour and textures, as well as delicate illustrative asset imagery to emphasise the food and drink options of the event.


webdesign: virtex digital   videography: Sheldon herron


the picnic watercolour.png
Castle Howard.png
cork green.png
Asset Layouts-3.png
green steak.png

as the events will be held at multiple venues and spaces, I've made sure to offer many options in terms of asset and background texture use to keep the brand selection dynamic and interesting between events.


green pepper.png
green shrimp.png
green bacon.png
spring onion.png
gin green.png
wine glass pink.png
whiskey sour pink.png
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