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Atmosphere_Primary Logo_Teal-Wing_RGB.jpg

I was asked by the Arches Festivals to produce the branding, guidelines and all the marketing material for their new festival; Atmosphere. 


Moth Asset_Full Colour_RGB.jpg

The festival is based around healthy living and promoting an environmentally aware lifestyle, however the brief asked to not use the obvious colours of greens and earth tones.

i used this opportunity to experiment with natural textures and insect assets for the branding, and used bright blues and yellows to help make the promotional material pop. 


artist boards.jpg
Butterfly Asset_Full Colour_RGB.jpg
Atmosphere Digital Ads_V2-1.jpg
Lady Bird Asset_Full Colour_RGB.jpg
Atmosphere_Social Badge_Blue_Circle_Beetle_Come visit us.png
Atmosphere_Social Badge_Yellow_Circle_Bee_Excited to be.png
Atmosphere_Social Badge_Yellow_Circle_Moth_Excited to be.png
Atmosphere_Social Badge_Blue_Circle_Butterfly_Come visit us.png
Atmosphere_Social Post_Blue_Excited to be.jpg
Atmosphere_Social Post_Yellow_Come visit us.jpg
Atmosphere_Social Badge_Blue_Artist_Lady Bird.png
Atmosphere_Social Badge_Yellow_Artist_Bee.png
Atmosphere_Social Badge_Red_Artist_Lady Bird.png
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