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i worked with we are beard as the assisting illustrator and muralist for a year between 2022 and 2023, and was lucky enough to be included in some great projects.

aston martin.png

Guy ritchie

guy ritchie is one of the company's core clients, of which i was the illustration lead on his 'compton abbas airfield' website, assisted on the animation for his new production company 'cashmere caveman' and some smaller projects for his brewery 'gritchie'. 

Click on some of the images below to see them in action.

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Mock Up_V3.JPG


The company wanted to focus on a portfolio project, of which they chose the barbertown website revamp. the brief was to be true to their 'tongue in cheek' ethos, as well as adding a retro twist, so we focused on turning the original interiors of their shops into a more playful vegas style aesthetic.

Site Header_shop.JPG

kimmy loves cake

throughout my time at the agency, i was asked to update and create new characters for the cafe 'kimmy loves cake' to be used on t-shirts and branding, as well as seasonal promotional material.

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